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Dimensions: 300.00mm x 210.00mm x 20.00mm

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"Blessed are you O Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and have covered us with his Righteousness."

That’s the wonderful promise written in Hebrew and inscribed on this beautiful prayer shawl. In the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy, God commanded the children of Israel to put reminders of Him on the four corners of their garments. These reminders were called "Tzizit." Deuteronomy 22:12 states, "Make tassels on the four corners of the garment you wear." This custom-made shawl not only has the Tzizit on the "Four Corners of Promise," but includes two New Testament and two Old Testament Scriptures as well. Every aspect of this prayer covering has purpose and meaning: the white cloth symbolising the purity of God, the blue representing eternity and the gold thread the divinity of our loving Heavenly Father.

Dimensions (in pocket envelope): 30 cm x 21 cm x 2 cm
Weight: 300 g

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