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Sports arenas, concert halls, and movie theaters around the world are filled with cheering fans. We dress like, walk like, and even imitate our heroes. Dream vacations, promotions, pay raises, even the engagement to the one you love, are life experiences worthy to be shared with everyone you come in contact with. But to share our faith on a day-to-day basis has become a lost art. We feel intimidated, scared, and sometimes even ashamed to share the life-changing experience of God's love. The heart is willing, you have the desire, but is seems that the skeptics, critics, doubters, and the many failed attempts have taken their toll. Please...don't give up now! Just "Give Me A 'J'!" Experience the excitement of effectively sharing your faith with others.

In "Give Me a J"! Arthur Blessitt shares what he has learned after nearly six decades of sharing Christ with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Leading people to salvation is not about knowing your theology inside and out, speaking eloquently, or doing the same thing in each conversation. It's about sharing the person of Jesus. Blessitt's effectiveness is a tribute to the work of God through the name of Jesus Christ. In this book he offers spiritual insights, practical helps, and engaging stories for anyone who wants to share Jesus with a neighbor, stranger, family member, or friend--to the glory of God.

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    Alex Panetta · 18 days ago
    Our thoughts and prayers are with the many whom have suffered immense loss and lost loved ones in the fires. We pray for the many who are in Harm's way for God to make a way where there is no way, we pray for the protection of property, wildlife and ultimately for our brave heroes battling the fires. - - - LORD, WE HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE YOU AS A NATION AND PRAY FOR THE FIRES TO STOP!! - - - - 2 Chronicles 7:14