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A treasure you will keep and pass on to your children and grandchildren! On a miniature scroll, the Old Testament names of God, actually the Hebrew names for LORD or YHVH, (pronounced in English, “JEHOVAH”) are beautifully embroidered on a soft, satin background. How we love them all, like:

“JEHOVAH SHLOMI – The LORD my Peace.” Most of us know the word “SHALOM,” which simply means “peace.” The ‘i’ at the end means, “The LORD my Peace” in Hebrew. So, a few more examples would be: “JEHOVAH ROPHI – The LORD my Healer.” Do I ever love that name! So, on and on — your awesome scroll contains “JEHOVAH ROI – The LORD my Shepherd” and “JEHOVAH YIREI – The LORD my Provider!

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