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1. Purchase an Installation Kit & VAST Compliant Set-Top-Box from your local or online TV Antenna Shop. If you previously had Foxtel, your Dish is already prealigned for VAST. You just need to register your VAST Set-Top-Box to activate the service.

Align your satellite dish (60-80cm) to Optus D3 at 156.0°East | Transponder: B3 | Frequency: 11804 Vertical | Symbol Rate: 30000 | FEC: 3/5

2. Once all equipment is installed, you must register your VAST Set-Top-Box  Note: Register for ABC & SBS VAST services fill in the form and submit it. The VAST Card will be activated straight away.

Disclaimer. We are not affiliated with any installer and can only offer limited technical support. If you have any issues with your installation, please contact your installer.


Drive Thru History: The Gospels

Gary Kent is the speaker for The Incredible Journey media ministry. He holds a B.A. in Theology, M.A. in Ancient History & Archaeology, and M. in Divinity. He is an archaeologist who has excavated numerous sites throughout Israel and Jordan. As an internationally-acclaimed speaker and TV presenter, he has spoken and produced numerous documentaries on subjects including the Bible, Bible prophecy, world events and natural health. His passion is to share the good news of Jesus’ imminent return.


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