Q. What is a VIP Live Event?

A. VIP Live Events are essentially a live broadcast of an event provided by TBN Pacific by a subscription service. VIP Live Events are available to anyone whom cannot physically get to the ministries event itself. Broadcasts are delivered LIVE and can be viewed from your digital device via our website or our Apps via Apple iOS and Google Play.

Best of all, your registration fee is only a fraction of the actual events registration cost AND it also financially helps the ministry to keep taking the gospel to the nations of the world!


Q. Will TBN Pacific provide downloads of the event?

All VIP Live Events can be watched "on-line" at any time using your login credentials up to the end date of your subscription plan. Recordings of the broadcasted sessions are available immediately after every session through the VIP Player for the life of the subscription plan.


Q. How do I know if my internet connection is OK?

A. A stable internet connection above 5Mbps is recommended. The video quality will vary based on your connection speed. Check if your speed is above 5Mbps here.


Q. How do I view the event?

A. The event will be broadcasted through TBN Pacific's website and our Apps via Apple iOS and Google Play. For website connections, click here for VIP Live Events" in the main menu. During the registration process, you will be required to create a username & password that will give you access to this area. We will send you links and information required for the event.


Q. Can I video project/stream/re-broadcast the event?

A. No license to re-transmit any material is covered by this agreement. We do not grant anyone outside of the ministry any rights to re-stream any content through via any technology or device available to the general public. We further do not grant any rights to post any content to social media or any websites as it may be of a sensitive nature.


Q. Does my VIP Live Event Registration give me access to the event itself?

A. No it doesn't. For any information regarding this event please contact the ministry or event organisers directly for any further details.



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