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When Covid19 hit and the planet went into lock-downs, many ministries without livestreaming capabilities were caught off guard! Suddenly, patrons for the first time were completely isolated from church. Many in person conferences, seminars and events were also cancelled leaving many unknowns for future ministry events. During this period of time, some contacted us for urgent help ranging from needed equipment and advise as to what to do!

We fast-tracked the development of a streaming platform to assist ministries reach their VIP (Very Important People) to reconnect them asap. In time we knew that this would turn into a bigger online streaming platform so we implemented updates and improvements along the way. Some of them were easy, other more challenging but in the end we built an easy to use interface for multi-streaming with video and subscription management.

VIP Events now serves the various needs of the Five-Fold Ministry (prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers). A complete solution for free/paid registered live events. The entire process is seamless, ministries admins are notified of user registrations and have complete control of their livestream events using their secure Dashboard allowing them to handle the entire process effortlessly.

We also just added a new feature helping ministries generate revenue form their paid subscriptions (unlike YouTube were they hand out 2 cents!) So what are you waiting for? Avoid all the the tracking, censoring, fact-checking, account blocking and unsolicited emails from using social media platforms! Switch to VIP Events with multi-streaming+, it's 100% Free!





VIP Events Producer
Professional Features for Free/Paid Ministry Event Subscriptions

Unlimited Multi-Stream to Social Media & Custom Destinations!

Using your VIP Dashboard, simply enter in all your social media stream keys and start your livestream. VIP Events will simultaneously push your stream out to all sites. Unlike vMix, WireCast & XSplit, you can fully control each individual stream without interrupting your livestream, plus you never introduce extra CPU or Bandwidth issues during your livestream. Many other similar (paid) solutions out there don't even come close. Add unlimited Custom RTMP Destinations to suit your needs.


Earn Instant Revenue!

Start earning on your first Paid Subscription! The more Subscribers you have, the higher the earnings will be! There's nothing you need to manage! We take care of merchant transactions, receipts, emails, tax invoices and accounts. Simply select your subscription fee and currency for your VIP Event and set and forget.


Unlimited Streaming, Viewers & Player Bandwidth!

Unlike many other (paid) solutions out there, we don't place any bandwidth limits, throttle streams, throttle player bit-rate quality or place any viewer limitations. Applicable for Free/Paid Accounts.


Member Chat, Notifications & Alerts

Subscribed members can post and tag others in a post, receive email and notifications. Members can manage their profile and subscribe/unsubscribe from any chat, email or plan.


Video Management +

All livetreams are recorded and autonomously converted to VOD (Video-on-demand) for immediate viewing. Use your VIP Dashboard to Hide, Show, Download or Archive your content. Control what you want viewers to see in real-time. Trim the start/end of unwanted footage in videos effortlessly on all devices.


150GB SSD Storage

Solid State Storage (SSD) for incredibly fast data transfer. Preset DVR in standard mode to allow it to stop recording when storage limit is reached, or preset DVR in loop mode to record and overwrite itself continuously (livestreams are not affected if you accidentally run out on storage space). You may request a review for more space if and when you need it.


VIP Player +

Watch live or catch-up on any lost viewing time during a livestream. Viewers may also watch all recent and past videos without ever leaving the player. All devices and platforms are compatible with the player including our Apps for iOS/Android devices. Integration of FaceBook Open Graph Meta Tags for a professional representation of your VIP Channel/Events. Share & Donate Buttons and Branded Graphics.


Unlimited Free/Paid Subscriptions

There's no limit on the registration of Free/Paid Subscriptions for your VIP Event. You will be automatically notified for every subscription!


Timed Access for Free & Paid Subscriptions

Set Access for either a specified period of time (Days/Weeks/Months/Year) or Set Access for a fixed date ie. access from 16-07-2022 for the specified period (non-applicable) from the sign up date.


5 Level Access Dashboard Accounts

Give your team members custom control over your Multi-Stream Destinations, your Livestream Destinations , DVR and Videos all from one place!


Unique URL & QR Code

Use the unique VIP URL supplied by TBN Pacific ie. and QR Code supplied.


Discounts & Coupons

Specify the duration a coupon can be used. Limit number of times a coupon can be used by per subscriber. Discount may be Fixed or Percentage Amount.


Viewer & Device Stats

Access Real-Time Data from Global and Unique Viewer Stats. See Platform & Devices used to access your VIP Events.


VIP Events Producer is 100% FREE for Ministries

Built for the work and the advancement of the Gospel to assist ministries with their streaming and subscription of events. The VIP Events platform is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) for partnering ministries.


Extended Email Support

Free email support 7 days a week 9am-9pm AEST.


Private & Secure!

Unlike Social Media platforms, there's No Tracking, Censoring, Fact-Checks, Account Blocking or Unsolicited Emails.



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