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Dimensions: 192.00mm x 136.00mm x 14.00mm

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From Genesis to Revelation, find compelling evidence of God's power and desire to heal. Scripture overflows with His promises about healing and testimonies of the miraculous taking place. There's no doubt about it: God wants His people well! In this profoundly encouraging book, you'll find spiritual teaching, healing promises, Word-based declarations, timeless quotes from men and women of God, and testimonies that will stir your faith. You'll discover that God not only wants you to receive your healing, but He also wants you to live in optimum health each and every day. Whether you're standing for healing in your body, mind, soul, or relationships - or simply to maintain your health and well-being - take hold of His promises for you today. Be Healed!

Dimensions: 19.2 cm x 13.6 cm x 1.4 cm
Weight: 274 g

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