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What we choose to believe intrinsically determines whether or not we are able to stand strong in this life - during the easy times, and during the most difficult. Standing Strong explores the Bible to identify the central issues of life where conviction is imperative, including:

  • Our commitment to stand by the people we love
  • Our decision to be men and women of integrity and character
  • Our determination to seek justice for the voiceless and the poor
  • Our beliefs about God as sovereign Creator
  • Our convictions about Jesus as God's Son
  • Our belief that the Bible is actually the Word of God

Standing Strong is the product of Dr. Stanley's lifetime journey of defining his convictions - based on God's Word - and choosing to stand by what he believes ... no matter the consequences. As he shares what he has discovered, he guides us as we examine and shape what we believe, so that we can live strong, with confidence, hope, and an assurance that when our convictions are based on God's truths, we can't go wrong.

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