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Dimensions: 380.00mm x 55.00mm x 55.00mm

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This is a treasure you will want to keep and pass on to your children and grandchildren! On a miniature tapestry, the Old Testament names of God — actually the Hebrew names for LORD or YHWH (pronounced in English, JEHOVAH) — are beautifully woven in Hebrew as well as English on a soft fabric background. How we love them all, such as:

YHWH SHALOM: The LORD my peace. Yes, He is the “peace which passeth all understanding.” Then there is, YHWH RAPHA: The LORD my healer. Do we ever love that name! So on and on — your awesome tapestry contains, YHWH ROHI: The LORD my shepherd and YHWH JIREH: The LORD my provider!

Read them all and rejoice! Father God has revealed seven of His major Old Testament names to bless and keep us! Your pledge indicated above will bring this glorious tapestry to you with our love. The wooden tapestry rod will help you hang it on your wall as a witness to all!

Dimensions (in cylinder): 35.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm
Weight: 250 g

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